Successful Bloggers Income In 5 Ways

Friends, a question that many people have asked me so far is what are the ways in which Professional Blogger uses Earning from his blog? Keeping this in mind, we have written this post, in which we will tell you that in what ways do successful bloggers make income from their blog? If you are a blogger then you should also read this post well so that you too can earn well from your blog.

Whenever it comes to earning money from Internet, “Blogging” comes at the top. This is the best and real way, to earn money online. If you want to earn money from blogging, then for this you have to make a blog. After that you have to write articles in it. When there will be good traffic in your blog, then you will be able to earn money from the blog through not many mediums.

Many bloggers share income reports of their blogs. This gives people inspiration and increases interest in blogging. You will also see in many blogs that income report is shared there. Those people earn millions from their blogs and they have many income sources.

As we have also told you above that there are many ways to make income from a blog or website. As many professional bloggers are, their income sources are also different. If a blogger earns more income by advertising in himself, then someone makes more income than affiliate marketing. I mean to say that every blogger’s main income source is different.

If you are a blogger and someone tells you that you can earn the most through advertising, affiliate or any other way, then it will not be right. Because all three are best for making money from a blog, but who is perfect for you? You have to find out about it. Therefore, it would be better that you try all of them one by one, and in which you get more benefit, consider it as the main income source.

I often see people discussing in social media, in what ways do professional bloggers earn millions? And I have been asked this question by many people. If you too would go to a professional blog, then you must have seen that there is little use of advertising in it, but still there is a lot of earning in his blog.

Keeping all these things in mind, in this post we will talk about what successful blogger uses to earn from his blog. This will be helpful for all blogger. So read carefully below and if you do not understand any place then you can ask about it in the comment.


This will not be a surprise for any blogger. Because almost all bloggers know about it. In this, we have to paste advertising in different parts of our blog. When someone visits our blog, it starts to show ads. Many bloggers earn from their blogs in this way. If you talk about Hindi bloggers, then the main income source of almost all Hindi bloggers is advertising.

Some ways to show advertising in the blog are given below.

Ad Networks

It is a large advertising provider. Like Adsense is the largest advertising network. Most ad networks pay according to PPC (pay per click), that is, when someone comes to our site, they will get ads and if they click on ads then we get paid. If you join an ad network, then you will not have to contact any company directly. Having an ad show in your blog depends on the activity of visitors and its browsing history. If you want, you can earn more than this.

Private Ads

This is also a way of showing advertising in blogs. For this, you will have to sell your blog space. That is, you have to give some property of your blog to big companies. To show such ads, you have to contact a big company and that company will buy a part of your blog, where they will show their ads. You can earn a lot of money in it. Most professional bloggers use this method to earn money from their blogs. Because they get a lot of money from it and there is no risk of ads being shown anywhere in the blog.

Affiliate Programs:

Shortcut way to earn a lot more money from blog. I have examples of many bloggers, whose main income sources are affiliate marketing. In this, we have to take affiliation from any other big company and we get a commission to sell its product.

Not only bloggers, but youtubers also earn money in this way. When you want to earn money through affiliate marketing, it is to be kept in mind that the Niche or topic on your blog will have to be associated with the relevant company.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

  • First of all, you have to get affiliation with the relevant company of your site.
  • Those companies will tell you their term.
  • Now you will add the banner or link of their product to your site.
  • When someone will buy the product by clicking on that link or banner on your site, you will get commission.
  • Affiliate program is a great way through which many bloggers are earning millions. At last, it would also like to tell about this that the product you use or like, then recommend the same to your users. Because if you recommend the wrong product to users in the money, then their trust will be lost from you.

Sponsored Posts:

Do you know that 84% consumers buy a product only when they read about it in a blog or website. This is the reason why sponsored post has become a very good way to generate revenue for Bloggers.

Many companies contact a good blog and write a blog post about its product or service and its company gives money. Sponsored post works in this way.

Mostly, a blog or website with Technical Topic is more likely to get a sponsored post. If your blog is on some other niche then you will have to make a connection with big companies. You can do this through email or you can also use social media.


All three monetization mentioned above was based on other people’s product. I have seen the highest income source of successful bloggers so far, that they promote their product or service with the help of their blog or website.

As an example, I have seen that –

  • Food Blogger sells cook books & e-books on their blog.
  • Tech Bloggers mostly sell e-courses & workbooks.
  • Design Bloggers that sell digital prints & templates.
  • Similarly, you can also generate maximum income by selling courses, classes, workshops, webinars & worksheets, etc. on your blog or website. For this you should have a large audience and they should have complete confidence in you.

It will take you a lot of time to make E-Products, but once you have prepared it then you can earn unlimited money by marking it. If someone will buy your product and they like it, then others will also recommend about it.

Successful bloggers have traffic and they prepare a lot of email lists in their blogs through email subscription. When they become successful in this, then it becomes the main income source of their blog. Similarly, if you also want to try it, prepare the audience and make an email list.


After selling e-products, many successful bloggers earn money only by providing service to people. If you read the income report of big bloggers, then you must have seen that almost their income is only from services.

I see many professional bloggers that they are mostly WordPress Setup, Website / Blog Design, Site Migration, SEO, etc. Like services provide. If you too have good knowledge about them, then you can make an ebook and sell it. You can make very good income with this.

Final Thoughts

Successful or Professional Blogger earns the most income through these five methods. If your blog also has good traffic, then you can also earn good money through these methods. Not all bloggers make money through these methods, but mostly bloggers make money through these methods. Some people share their income report only in numbers and they do not tell their income source.

Finally, if you have not yet created your blog, then make it. If you have any gross question related to this post then comment. If you like the post, share it in social media.

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