People Like 8 Types Of Blog Posts On Social Media

Hello friends, you all use social media but do you know that it will also work to gain traffic for your blog. We are going to tell you in this post that in social media, 5 types of posts are most liked by people. If you can get maximum traffic on your blog by writing posts of these types.

If you use the internet, then obviously you will also be using social media. If you are regular active in social networks like facebook, twitter, google plus then sometimes you will see that suddenly something goes viral. A few days ago the video of a girl went viral. Whenever I used to open facebook, whatsapp and youtube, it was everywhere.

If you have a blog or website, you can drive traffic to your blog through social media. We had given this related information in the previous post, in which we told that the 6 secrets to writing a viral blog post.

If you have read our previous post, then you must have known the secrets about writing viral posts. In this post, we are going to tell you what kind of contents people like more in social media. This post will prove useful for all bloggers. With the help of this post, the blogger can drive traffic to his blog.

Every blogger of us uses social networking but not everyone can benefit from it. I see a lot of bloggers whose traffic in the blog comes from social media only. So if you want too, you can get more traffic in the blog from it.


People like pictures and infographics the most in social media. People like to watch it and also share it in social networks. If you want, you can get more traffic from social media by designing infographic and adding it to the blog.

However, if you do not know how to design infographic, then you can learn by watching youtube video on internet or reading pdf. Let me tell you one thing that the infographic you will create will be viral. If you have shared some good information in your infographic, have written the title well and explained it in easy way, then it can get more and more shares in social media.

The “Ultimate” Round-Up Post:

In this kind of post, complete information related to the subject is given. So that if new users read it, then they also understand easily. Keeping this in mind, if you write the ultimate round-up post, then give every information related to the topic on which the post will be.

Such posts give better performance on social media. Because when a new man reads it, it is told about him from basic to advanced, which makes them easy to understand. You must be aware that when we have knowledge about something new, then share it with our friends as well. Therefore, such posts get more and more shares.

The “Mega” List Post:

It is also like a kind of “Ultimate” round-up post. In this, a list of important information related to the topic is collected and a list is prepared. The only difference in these is that list posts are focused on a single single topic. In this, there is a collection of important information related to it on any one topic. While the ultimate round-up post, we have to tell from basic to advanced.

People like this post a lot in social networks and it is shared a lot. Because the reader gets every important information about the topic and they do not have to wander elsewhere. The biggest thing is their time savings. So such posts get very good response in facebook, twitter, whatsapp.

Interviews with A-Listers:

Almost every good person likes to read interview. In my case, even big river bloggers like to read interviews of every successful people. Because it gives us some new learning. Similarly, there are many people who want to read interviews of other successful people, want to read about their biography and want to know many things about it.

Your blog is the top blogger related to the niche or topic. Take an interview and put good questions in it so that others enjoy reading. These kinds of posts will like to share your blog visitors. But the condition is that you do not have to ask boring questions. Such questions will have to be asked about which people will not know beforehand and they will be eager to know it.

“How to” guide & Tutorials:

Problems are extreme everywhere. Whether you take it in any field, there are up’s and downs in everyone’s life. As an example, in blogging too many problems, troubles and issues keep coming up. In such a situation, if you write a tutorial about the topic on your blog and post on the “how to” guide, then it can get a very good response in the social network.

When you write a post on the “how to” guide in your blog, many people will read it and solve their problem. When someone’s problem is solved, it is obvious that he will make a share. Similarly, thousands of people will share your post.

Highly-Valuable Freebies:

Nowadays everyone loves to hear the word “free”. Everyone wants their money left. That is why if you are giving more or more money for free, then it will not only get high position in social media but also in search engine.

Offer any high-paid thing related to the topic on which your site is, to your visitors for free. As my blog is on Blogging, I can offer Paid Theme / Plugin, Hosting, Paid tool to visitors for free. People will share this type of post in social media more and more.

Contests and Giveaways:

People always like free stuffs! The social media platform will help you to make the contents, giveaways accessible to the people in the shortest possible time. Remember that when you become a part of a contest or giveaway, you definitely share it in social media.

Who knows! If not you, then your friend will win that contest. So when you put a contest or giveaway in the blog, people will like it more in social media.

An Epic Blog Posts Series:

According to my experience, nowadays people are more interested in others than knowing about anyone. What is happening in his life? This does not make sense to them, but what is happening in the lives of others? The eagerness to know this is more.

You can write an epic story about yourself in a blog post. If people like your story, then people will definitely like to share it in social media. If you have faced a lot of struggles in your life, then everyone would like to know it and would love to tell it to others as well.

Final Thoughts

Apart from this, if you share video with textual content in the blog, then it can get a very good response in social media. In social media, video is the most viral after photo. With all these types of content, you can gain maximum traffic on the blog from social media.

So friends, how did you all like this post, do tell us in the comment. If you liked this post, then share it in social media by giving 2 minutes time.

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