How To Redirect Blogger Blog Traffic To Another Blog

If you have good traffic in one site and you want to redirect the traffic of that site to another site, then this post is for you only. With this you can increase the traffic of your site quickly. When someone visits your site, it will automatically be redirected to another site. For this, we are going to tell you the simple process below. With which you just have to add a simple code to the tag of your blog. So, if we tell full details about it now, we will not enjoy it. For this, you will have to read this post completely to know it correctly.

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Almost blogger starts his blog on blogger and in that he easily creates his free blog. When there is good traffic in the blog, many people want to give a professional look to that blog and an expert web designer is needed to give the blogger blog a professional look. For this, it is better to sift the blogger blog on WordPress. When any blog sifted from blogger to wordpress, then its traffic is very less. If you have also sifted your blog to wordpress and the traffic of your blog is very low, then you do not have to take tension now. Because with the help of what we are going to tell you, you can redirect the traffic of your old blog to the new blog.

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Good traffic is required to earn well from blogs. Creating a blog and putting content in it is easy but increasing the traffic of the blog is very difficult. We follow many ways to promote the blog. You have to know how much hard work is required to bring good traffic to the blog. Many people say that when we sift our blogger blog to wordpress, its traffic becomes equal. As much traffic was used in blogger blog, we have to redirection to bring more traffic.

How to redirect blogger blog traffic to another blog.

Now we are telling you the simple procedure below, so that you can easily redirect the traffic of your blogger blog to another blog.

Step 1: Login to Blogger and go to Dashboard -> Theme -> Edit HTML.

Step 2: Now search for by pressing CTRL + F and add the code below at the bottom of .

Step 3: Now save the Template.

In this way you can redirect the traffic of your blogger blog to another blog. This is a very simple method and it is the best way to bring the traffic of one blog to another blog. With this you can increase the traffic of your blog quickly.

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