How Hackers Hack a WordPress Site 5 Methods

Hello friends! Today, we will present before you all a very important information. Today we will know how hackers hack any wordpress site? And what methods do you use for this? If you are a wordpress user, then sometimes this question will definitely come in your mind, so we are going to clear all your confusion in this post.

In today’s time, it has become common to create a website or blog. Meaning any man makes his own blog and uploads his photo if nothing else. One thing is that making a website has become so much simpler that more than 30% of internet users have their own blog or website.

Everyone creates a blog but no one can manage it properly. Because properly managing any site is a big thing to me. Because to manage the site completely, not only do you have to write posts, but a lot of work has to be done along with it. Now-a-days developers are also progressing a lot. People who do not have knowledge of coding can also easily design their own site. Because they buy a better design theme or hire a developer.

If you are a blogger then you will have your own website or blog. Many a times you will hear in the news or social media that a site has been hacked. In such a situation, sometimes you must think for a short time that how can hackers hack any site? Do you know how hacker makes any site your victim and what methods do they use for that?

We will know all these things in details in this post. With which you will also be careful and will be able to protect your blog from hackers. If you do not already know about all these, then read the meditation below. So that you can understand well.

SQL Injection:

This is one of the most commonly used methods to hack a wordpress site. In this, hackers create full control over the site admin panel and its server using SQL Injection.

In this hacking technique, the attackers upload a remote file in your site. That file contains manual coded script and this allows hacker to take full control of your site’s server. Let’s take a look at the defination given by wikipedia about SQL Injection.

If we say in simple terms, hackers make use of this method to make connections with your site’s database sql, database libraries and easily hack your site.

You know that with SQL Injection the hackers make their relation to your site’s database. With which it can easily find out the admin username and password of your site. After that he successfully login to your site and hack it.

Remote File Inclusion (RFI):

This method is also one of the most important methods. This method is also similar to sql injection. In this, the hacker remotely uploads a script on his server to hack a site. This script is created by hacker so that it can controll the server completely.

With this technique, attackers use cross site script, execution of malicious codes and many other methods. ‘Dynamic file include’ is used to add remote file and from this hacker can also capture all user input parameters and completely surround the site.

Cross Site Scripting:

According to the research, “cross site script” was introduced by microsoft in 18 years ago (2000). This is a third party web application, through which any site can be attacked.

This is a very common method that hackers use the most. According to research, we came to know that the site on which the hacker attacks, somehow adds “harmuful or malicious codes” to the website via “client side script”. To easily add script to any site, hackers have executed it as a web application.

In this, malicious code is written on HTML or JavaScript. It contains codes that destroy them as soon as they are added to the site. If there is an attack in a site, disable the script, clear cookies and be careful about security.

Using Nulled Themes & Codes:

WordPress provides us many good themes and plugins for free, but apart from this, if you want more better features, then there are also premium themes which you can purchase from many websites. Do you know how much effort and time it takes for any developer to create a theme or a plugin?

By the way, most developers have a team that works together. But even then it takes months or years to prepare a good theme / plugin. In this case, if they take your $ 50 or $ 100 instead, then it is not a big deal. We often look at money and waste our future because of it.

I have seen that many people want to get paid theme or plugin for free somehow and because of this use the nulled version of it. They see only advantages and disadvantages, they have no meaning. But you know there is a 10x loss as well as benefit from it.

In my case, initially I used to use a lot of nulled plugin, but due to this, my site was hacked once. Since then I caught my ear and always tell my clients not to use the nulled version plugin / theme / code.

Actually, Nulled version makes plugin or themes itself as hackers and adds its script to it along with its features. When we install it in our site, the hackers get to know our login details and they make full control of our site.

Easy Password:

I have heard about many such cases that the website gets hacked due to weak password. You might think that we only know about passwords but let us know that in today’s time, it is not a big deal for hackers to know login username and password. Therefore, we can also say that strong password and username are not enough for the security of the site.

If your site is hacked, then there can be a big reason that you have kept a weak password. Which any other person can guess. Nowadays hacker uses machine bot to login into a site. If you use a weak password, then your site can also be a victim of hackers.

First of all, the password must be at least 10 characters. And it should use alphabate, number and symbol three. That is, the password should be such that none of your people have any doubt about it.

Hackers use these methods the most to hack a wordpress site. If you are a wordpress user, it is very important for you to know about all these. For this, hacker uses these methods to hack many types of websites. If you do not understand anywhere, you can ask by commenting.

Finally, we hope that this post will be helpful for you. Comment to ask about it. If you like the post, share it.

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