8 Things Considered Before Blogging

Hello Friends, Are you also thinking of making your own website or blog? Want to earn more money from internet by blogging? If your answer is “yes” then read this post carefully. In this post, we are going to tell you that before starting blogging, you should consider 10 things. If you have not started blogging yet, read this post carefully.

There are many ways to earn money from the Internet, but in the present times, the best way is “Blogging”. Apart from this, there are many ways through which you can earn well. There are many benefits to blogging. Blogging provides not only money but also respect and recognition.

For example, there are many professional bloggers who are earning millions by blogging. There are many sources but not one to earn money by blogging. Advertising is the main source of earning of some bloggers, while some have affiliate network.

In my case, when I tell my friends and other people about blogging, people always share the confusion related to blogging with me. Almost all newcomers have a lot of questions before they start blogging. Keeping all these things in mind, we are going to tell you in this post what things to consider before blogging?

Whether Blogging will be a Full Time Career or Part Time:

Not only in our India but in the whole world some people give their full time in blogging (full-time blogger) and some people do part time blogging. A full time and part time blogger makes a huge difference. If you want to do blogging then it will be most important that you first consider whether you have to do full-time or part time blogging.

Now is the time that it is difficult to become a successful blogger unless you spend your full time in blogging. If you talk on any topic, then there will be many blogs which write posts on that topic.

If you want to take blogging as your career, then you can choose full time blogging. If you want, you can also make income by blogging part time. So first of all, you should consider whether to do blogging as part time or full time job.

Blogging for Hobby or Just for Money:

A blogger should make it clear that blogging is for money or they like it very much. Many people do blogging because they like to write and talk to their readers. Some people start blogging for money from the beginning. However, such bloggers are basically called webmasters, it takes some time to get their income but after being successful, they find the money themselves.

Blogging is a big difference, both for money and for hobbies. If you do blogging to earn money then it is very difficult to become a successful blogger. If you do it with your hobby and you have intetest in it, then in a very short time you will become a successful blogger.

With Blogging you can NOT Earn a Living in Few Days or Months:
I see many people that when they are about to start their own blog, then from that time they start thinking about money and after writing 2-4 posts in the blog, apply for Adsense. If you are also going to start blogging, then let me tell you one thing that you do not get money within a short time by blogging.

After creating a blog, you should focus on traffic, not about earning. After creating a blog, some people are in the habit of earning money instead of thinking about growing it. Once you start getting good traffic on your blog, you will be able to earn millions. That’s why before starting a blog, consider that you have to grow the blog.

Knowledge of English:

Literacy in India is very low, due to which few people are able to speak and understand English properly. Whether you want to blogging in any language, for that you should have good knowledge about English. Blogging is very difficult for you if you do not know how to speak and understand English.

If you want to write in Hindi in the blog, then you should also understand atleast English for that. With this, you will be able to write new posts, and most different posts in the blog.

Very Less Genuine Indian Bloggers to Follow:

There are some bloggers in India that you can take inspiration from. There is a lack of good bloggers here. Many bloggers copy content for their blog from other site and put it in their blog. These people blogging only for money. There is too much such people here, so if you want to become a successful blogger, then you have to prepare different content for your blog.

There are many good and successful bloggers, whose you can take examples or follow them. You have to follow good bloggers to be a good blogger.

Niche or Topic of Your Blog:

This is another challenge for new bloggers. If you are going to start a blog, then consider which topic you want to write a post in the blog.

After creating a blog you have to write regular posts about new and unique things. Keeping all these things in mind, select the topic so that you don’t have any problems later. Select a topic about which you are fully aware, you should enjoy writing on it, and that content should always be evergreen.

Writing Skill or Marketing Skill:

This is the most important thing to become a blogger, you must have writing skill. If you have a lot of knowledge but you do not know the right way to explain in the post then it is useless. Because people will follow you only when they can learn something good and new from you.

That is why if you want to become a successful blogger then improve your writing skill. For this we have also written a post about 10 tips to improve Writing Skills. You read it and follow, your writing skills will improve a lot.

Apart from this, make your marketing skills also good. With this you will be able to get good traffic through social media.

You Make Less Money Through Contextual Advertising:

These are some facts that need to be known to those who are new to blogging or want to start blogging. You cannot earn enough money by showing advertising in the blog.

Many people make their blog with the intention that they will be able to earn millions from them. They should know that advertising company like adsense pays much less in India than other countries. There is a big reason behind this. If your blog can earn more by getting traffic from countries like USA, Canada, Hong-Kong. For this, you can create a blog in English.

If you create a blog in Hindi, you will earn very little. Therefore, before making a blog, consider that you have to write a post in Hindi or in English.

Final Thoughts,

Before making a blog, some important decision has to be taken, or if you do not take the right decision then you may have a lot of trouble later. Apart from this, you have to choose a good platform to create a blog. Because there are many blogging platforms and their features are also different. You can choose a good platform according to the company requirement.

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