10 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Hosting From A Hosting Provider

Do you also want to make your site and you are thinking about taking hosting. If yes, then read this post carefully till the last. Because in this we are going to tell you that before buying hosting, ask 10 essential questions from the hosting provider? With this you will be able to choose a good hosting for your site.

Nowadays the demand of Internet has increased so much that those who used to do offline business till date have started doing online business. I meant that those who used to sell the same in the offline store are selling their goods as a site of online e-commers today. Still in our India, not everyone has been able to connect to the internet but people are constantly trying to connect with it and continue to connect.

If you have never heard of hosting before, then tell me that if there is space to store any data online, then it is called web hosting. If you want to create a website, for this you need space to host it. For this, you must first buy the hosting, then create a website by hosting script in it.

All the sites you see on the internet are all hosted on some web hosting. Also tell you that there are many types of web hosting. The price of hosting different types also varies. All the big sites you will see are hosted in dedicated hosting. Its price is the highest. You will not need it now, but in the future if traffic becomes more, then you can upgrade it. If you want to start your own website, then shared hosting will be good for you. Its price is cheap.

Are you looking for cheap rate hosting? This is nothing, many people will be ready to give you free hosting too, but will put your site at risk. I mean, there is no guarantee of your site, anything can happen in it anytime and can be deleted anytime. If you are starting your first blog, then I will tell you that greed for a little money will not kick your future.

Let me tell you one more thing that in recent times, anyone takes a reseller from a big hosting and makes his own hosting company. There is a lot of risk in buying hosting from such hosting provider. I will just ask you to get hosting from some trusted companies. Just like if you buy hosting from HostGator, Bluehost, Godaddy right now, the data of your site will be absolutely safe in it. If someone is speaking to give you cheap hosting, then do not believe above without thinking.

If you do a search by writing free hosting in Google, then hundreds of sites will come in front of you, which will give you the medicine to host you for free. If you host your site in free hosting, then it means that you are messing with your own site. You should know that no matter how small business is, budget is needed for it. Without spending money you cannot grow any business. So forget the word “Cheap Hosting / Free Hosting” from today.

However, we are going to talk in this post that what should be asked before buying hosting from any hosting provider? We will tell you 10 questions that you should ask your hosting provider, when buying a hosting.


Uptime means how long the server runs
Does? As long as the hosting server will be running, your site will remain live. When the hosting server is not running due to any reason then your site will also be offline.

This is the most important question that should be asked by your hosting provider. Because nobody wants their site to be offline or down. If your site stays offline even for a minute, then a lot of your visitors have to face trouble. If our site is down then it also affects the Search Engine ranking.

Normally, more level hosting provider provides 99.99% uptime which is very good. If you are buying hosting, then if it is giving uptime at least 99.95% then it will run. But if you are giving less than 99.90% uptime, then there will be a risk of site downing again and again by taking hosting there. So to get hosting, see another hosting provider.

Hosting Security:

If a treasure is somewhere, it is very important to keep the security alert there. In the same way your site is also a treasure and is hosted in hosting. Its security is also very important. Just as real life takes many criminal days to rob us, there are more criminals in the Internet world.

You give a lot of your time and write a post after a lot of effort and similarly your site has many contents which are in the hosting. In such a situation, its safety is very important. If something happens on it in any way, then your career can be ruined.

Therefore, contact your hosting provider and know that your site’s data will be safe or not. Apart from this, also find out whether malware and virus are regularly scanned.


You should also know from the hosting provider whether she offers multiple types of hosting or not? Some hosting providers offer plans from basic to advanced level and you can easily upgrade them at any time.

Often, when someone takes hosting initially, it takes shared hosting. Because it is available at a very cheap rate and it contains everything that can easily start a site. At one time it also comes that the traffic in the site becomes very high and the site starts down again and again. You will know that in shared hosting, many sites are hosted in one place, due to which it is not able to handle much traffic.

In this situation, we have to go from shared hosting to vps or dedicated hosting. In such a situation, if our present hosting provider offers various plans (like vps, dedicated etc.), then to upgrade it, just contact the hosting provider and tell them. Sometimes when the hosting provider does not offer vps or dedicated plan then we have a lot of trouble to move to another hosting.

Offer and Free:

Many large hosting providers offer something for their users first time. If your hosting provider is giving you something for free, it does not mean that it is giving you greed but rather it gives some free offer for the ease of its users.

If you take hosting in bluehost, you will get free domain for 1 year. In the same way different hosting provider offers different things. The hosting that I am on right now is offering us life time free hosting. You first ask what you will get for free, then buy hosting.

Downtime History:

When the server is not available and the server is down, it is called downtime. When the server fails to show the website, it is known from the outage period and this is also the downtime. There is no way in our hands to fix this.

Like you told us above that you should ask your hosting provider how much is uptime? In the same way, also ask how much dowmtime of hosting. You can also ask for downtime record of hosting.

Tech Support:

If you are creating a site with your hosting for the first time, then it is certain that you will have to face regular problems. When there is a problem, then you will have no option but to contact your hosting provider. You can get rid of that problem by contacting the hosting provider itself.

Ask your hosting provider how their costomer support is. If 24/7 customer support is available, that’s a good thing. You can get support at any time by calling from the hosting provider.

Regular Backup:

Many hosting providers take regular backup of all their data. With this, when there is a problem in the users’ site or the site gets hacked, then contacting the hosting provider and restoring the backup again. Which makes his site live again.

If you have created your blog for the first time, then you will not know much and if you make a little mistake then the site will be offline. In such a situation, if you have a backup, you can restore your site and live it. Ask your hosting provider to find out whether regular backup of your site is done or not. If you do not take, then take backup from yourself. Because it is very important to keep all blogger backup of your site.

Shared Users Number:

Whenever someone starts their blog, shared hosting is good for them. If you also want to start your blog with shared hosting, then first ask your hosting provider and know what the number of Shared users is.

You all know that in shared hosting, many users have their site on the same server. If the number of users is more in shared hosting then the site loads very slowly. If the number of shared users is less then the performance of the site will be good.

Features and Options:

Before purchasing a hosting from any hosting provider, it is most important to consider what feature they offer to you at what price. The more plans you take, the better features and options you will get. You have to choose according to your website.

Many hosting providers offer Unlimited website, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited Email, Unlimited Addons, 24/7 Support, cPanel features and options at a good rate. It is good if your hosting provider is also offered.


Now it has become so much hosting provider that it becomes difficult to know who to trust and what not to do? Many hosting providers will ask you to give one to one features but when you buy hosting, you will not get that much feature.

Many hosting providers offer money back policy. After this, when you do not like any feature after purchasing the hosting, then you can refund the money. If your hosting provider also offers it, then there is good news for you.

Final Word,

Your slight mistake in taking hosting can become a huge headache tomorrow. So it would be better to buy thoughtful hosting so that you do not regret it later. Let me tell you one more thing that almost all the hosting provider offers some discount in firsr time hosting. So you can save money by contacting the hosting provider or the sell team.

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